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How It All Works

BluJ comes your home or office with a scale and weighs your

(WASH. DRY. FOLD.) laundry. We can process WDF laundry, dry cleaning and starch & iron items. YOU pay at pickup Cash, Card

or Cash App. We will return your clean and or pressed laundry

in 24-48hrs. Closed on most holidays. 20lb Minimum.

Got MORE? Pay Less!

Over 75lbs of laundry? Price drop to
$1.50 per lb.

Over 125lbs of Laundry? Price drop to
$1.25 per lb.

Dry Cleaning
Shirts (Collar) 3.25
Pants 7
Blazers 8.50
Dress 12.25
Skirt 6.25
Shorts 6.75
Suit (2 Piece) 14.50
Half Coat 12.50
Full Coat 17.50
Sports Coat 9.25


$1.75lb WDF
Pickup, delivery, color separation
and detergent included


$2.25lb Stain Removal - 5lb min
Great for whites that need extra attention


$3.00lb Same Day Service
WDF laundry pickup before
10am delivery 5pm


T/F$20  Q$30   K$35

You Get What You Pay For

WDF price includes pickup, delivery, separation by color and detergent.

$6 Delivery Fee for Dry Cleaning ONLY

When Our Clothes Need a Little Extra Love

Extra Bleach - .75¢ ½ Cup

Vinegar - $1.50 Cup
Fights Odors without Bleaching

Oxi Clean - $2 Scoop

Scent Boosting Fabric Softener - $2 Scoop
Additional Burst of Scent

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